I will make sure that your teeth are always healthy and beautiful. 


Every day I try to give you on the basis of knowledge, individual attitude towards each individual, equipment and many years of experience, I can offer the most modern and comprehensive services of high quality. I am happy to take care of even the youngest patients.

Dental procedures that I perform on a daily basis:

  • composite (white) fillings and treatment of all dental diseases of children and adults
  • removal of soft and hard plaque (tartar), staining and polishing of teeth
  • fixed prosthetics (implants, inlays, onlays, veneers, scales, bridges...)
  • removable prosthetics (total and partial dentures, temporary dentures, valplast, dentures on implants,...)
  • extractions (pulling teeth)
  • treatment of gingivitis and other oral diseases
  • oral hygiene advice
  • safe removal of amalgam fillings