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I was deathly afraid of dentists or visits to them. Since I have been going to Dr. I lost my fear of interventions with Šalej, because she always explains everything she is going to do in a friendly way. In case of pain, he always provides me with an injection or work stoppage. She puts me at ease with her way of working and I'm glad I found her.

A. Rozman, Ljubljana

I had severe dental problems. I didn't go to the dentist for years because of fear and the condition got worse. My friend advised me Dr. Just kidding, and after the first visit I lost my fear. We started dental treatment and soon all my teeth will be healthy, the pain will stop, and I am more and more satisfied with my appearance.

L. Koprivnik, Kranj

Despite regular visits to the dentist in public dentistry, the long waiting times bothered me the most. At dr. I can come to Šalej's turn within a week, and thus I can be ordered several times in a short time if necessary. The procedures are therefore smaller, which certainly has a positive effect on my well-being.

B. Zaletelj, Radovljica