I have been a dentist with a private practice for adults and children for almost 20 years. I love my work and patients, I want to take care of them in the best possible way. I realized very early on that most patients feel a great fear of dental procedures, which is why many avoid visits to the dental office or postpone them until the moment when it is often already very late and the damage in the oral cavity is already considerable. To avoid this, I made it my mission as a young dentist to help people overcome their worst fear or even eliminate it completely. I have developed a unique approach to each individual, which has proven to be very successful and effective over the years, and thus, by working together, we achieve more frequent visits to the dental office, and more pleasant and efficient treatment for the patient..

Wishing to make my services more patient-friendly and visit me would no longer represent too much stress for them, the study of integrative psychotherapy at the IPSA Institute in Ljubljana offered itself, as I felt the need to deepen my knowledge of the psychological aspects of trauma. I am a fourth-year specialist and I practice individual integrative psychotherapy for adults. The spectrum of my psychological support and psychotherapy  se je tako iz zobozdravstvene ordinacije  extended outwards and I can also offer help to all those who have reached a dead end in their lives or find themselves in various emotional and mental difficulties from which they can hardly help themselves.

I am also a mother of four children and life has not spared me various trials, many of them very difficult. Almost inevitably and spontaneously, in connection with my profession, a desire arose for a deeper exploration of my inner world and an even better understanding of myself, other people and everything that happens in my life. I now successfully combine my career as a dentist who takes care of her patients compassionately and holistically with the profession of an integrative psychotherapist outside the dental office. The essence of integrative psychotherapy is a holistic and relational approach adapted to the needs of each individual. It is one of the most effective psychotherapies, as it combines (integrates) the knowledge of other psychotherapeutic disciplines, which allows us to use different approaches, methods and techniques.

Therapy and the process of changing old, deeply rooted fears and other personality patterns take place in the field between the client and the therapist, two equal persons, in mutual trust and respect. I am convinced that changes are always possible, if only the person is ready to do a lot for it. I always have unwavering trust in my patients and clients, I am sincerely interested in them and I guide and support them on their path of change. I am compassionately present and attuned to their relational needs, which is the foundation for a good therapeutic relationship, which is healing in itself.

I work under the regular supervision of Maruša Zaletel Tekavc and am bound by the Code of Ethics of the Society for Integrative Psychotherapy and Transactional Analysis of SINTA and the Code of Ethics of the Slovenian umbrella association for psychotherapy SKZP.

In the introductory meetings, we discuss the goals and approximate duration of the therapy. Therapy can be of a short-term nature, aimed at solving current problems here and now, or in-depth therapy, even lasting several years. The goals of psychotherapy can be adjusted, changed or set new ones during the course of the therapy.

»Pravijo, da je terapija garanje. Pa ne samo za terapevta. Odgovornost za spremembo je namreč na klientovih ramenih. Če ste pričakovali uro sočutnega prikimavanja, ste prispeli na napačen kraj. Terapevti vam bodo v oporo, toda naša podpora bo namenjena vaši rasti… spodbujamo vas, da v osrčje problema pridete SAMI. Kajti… najmočnejša so tista spoznanja, tisti UVIDI, do katerih se dokopljemo sami… in ne gre brez določene mere neugodja, če naj bo proces učinkovit… «

                         From "Maybe You Need to Talk to Someone" by Lori Gottlieb


An hour of therapy lasts 60 minutes and costs 60 euros.

To reserve an appointment for an introductory interview, you can call me at:

- by phone number: 040 281 216
- or write to the e-address:

and it will be found solution for you.


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